Create custom price proposals from your webshop

Extremely easy to integrate in your webshop. Cut down your proposal time from 30 minutes to 1 minute! Plus all customer quote requests in one place!

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Quote from any shopping cart

Propoza places the 'request a quote' button on the shopping cart of your e-commerce platform. After requesting the quote, the request will appear in your back-end admin panel.

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Time saving

Fully responsive quote list for every possible device. Never lose track of all of your incoming quote requests with the intuitive quote view.

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Create proposals and send it to your customers

Easily create proposals, and send it to your customer with a personal note.

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The Proposal software for my platform

Use every opportunity to convert quotes into sales. Place RFQ buttons strategically on your site. Lower the threshold for your visitors to interact with you.

Receive Quote requests, create proposals and get more sales

Customize it to your needs

Customize Quote request form, and translate every label in your language.

Customize your Quote request form

Be in control of your customer forms. Simply enable form fields, require them, or sort the order. All to serve your customers needs and sell more, immediately.

Translate every label on your proposal

Translate your platform configuration to every possible language in your Propoza back-end admin panel.

Visual Quote overview

View the number and revenue of open, total, accepted or declined Quotes in your personal dashboard.

Quote Request from the backend

Create Quote Requests from your Propoza admin panel

Create Quotes from admin panel

Create and manage Quotes from your admin panel. Select a customer, add products, and send your Price Proposal

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Search and select customers

Assign a Customer to your Quote and start negotiating prices.

Add products and configure prices

Add products to your Quote with adjusted quantities and prices, and send Proposals to your customers.

Check out with proposal price

Customers can check out with your discounted price.

Customer accepts proposal

After you have made your customer an offer, your customer receives the price proposal in his or her mailbox and can either accept or decline your offer.

Customer checks out with discount price

After your customer accepts the proposal, he will be redirected to the shopping cart, where he can check out with the discounted price

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Propoza is the simplest way to add customer quotation functionality to your e-commerce platform. Install your Propoza integration on your webshop, and start receiving quote requests today!

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